Offering a multi-disciplinary team approach to sports medicine, injury rehabilitation/prevention, strength & conditioning and health & fitness.

Irelands leading sports
physiotherapy practice

We believe in training movement patterns rather than individual muscles and use a functional approach to do this. Catering to all ages, levels and abilities from the elite Olympic athlete to the complete beginner.

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Chartered physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists can help you overcome your injuries and relieve you from pain while also providing you with the skills for long term prevention of injury re-occurance.

Strength & Conditioning

Appropriate strength training is a vital aspect of athletic development. To progress to the next level in your chosen sport, it is vital to include appropriate strength work in your training program. Speak to one of our certified physiotherapists /S&C coaches to see how they can help.

Group Strength & Conditioning

Move better, feel better, perform better. We have group classes to suit everyone. Whether your goals are to improve your general health & well-being or to perform better in your chosen sport, regular, structured resistance training can help you achieve them.

“Our athletes get the best preparation and care enabling them to compete at the top in international competitions. The training environment in Sports Med gets the most out of people and helps them realise their physical potential.”

James O'Callaghan, Performance Director Irish Sailing Association.

“I started in Sports Med a year ago after back surgery to strengthen my body. I have gotten tremendous results. The Physios make adjustments for anything I need.”

Rob Sood

“Sports Med Ireland played a huge part in my development from a junior athlete to an Olympic athlete. Their advanced approach to physical preparation always gave me a extra edge”

Annalise Murphy, Olympic Silver Medallist