About Us

All our Staff here in Sports Med are fully and formally qualified in their respective areas of expertise. We take great pride in the high level of Clinical care we provide to our clients. Integral to this is the ongoing professional development, education, in-house training and upskilling of our staff. Our focus is always on our clients. We work together as an effective team to ensure the desired outcome for every client is achieved to the best of our combined abilities and skills.

Amongst our staff there is a very comprehensive and broad ranging pool of knowledge, expertise and experience. We hold regular Inservice and our Senior Staff members review all client files on a regular basis. We emphasise using cost effective treatment at all times and aim to always achieve good outcome goals without excessive appointments.

When you are treated or trained by Sports Med Ireland, no matter which staff member deals with you, you are benefitting from the combined skills, knowledge and experience of all our Team.

Our Services

Charertered Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists can help you overcome your injuries and relieve you from pain while also providing you with the skills for long term prevention of injury re-occurance.

Appropriate strength training is a vital aspect of athletic development. To progress to the next level in your chosen sport, it is vital to include appropriate strength work in your training program. Speak to one of our certified physiotherapists/S&C; coaches to see how they can help.

Strength and Conditioning

Group Strength and Conditioning

Move better, feel better, perform better. We have group classes to suit everyone. Whether your goals are to improve your general health & well-being or to perform better in your chosen sport, regular, structured resistance training can help you achieve them.


Our Locations

32 Kildare Street

Dublin 2

D02 R859

Unit 46, Fashion City, Ballymount, Dublin 24

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