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History of Sports Massage

Sports massage derives from the commonly known massage therapy first used by ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Greek civilisations. Hippocrates, said to be the father of medicine, noted the benefits of "rubbing" on the human body in 460BC, however it wasn't until the early 1900s that the beginnings of sports massage techniques were developed.  The first system of sports massage originated from Swedish massage (developed in the 1700s). During the 1924 Olympic Games, Finnish athlete Paavo Nurmi won five gold medals and attributed his success to sports massage during his training regime.

How Does It Work?

Sports massage aims to enhance performance, reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery times for injured or hard training sports men and women. The sports massage therapists in Sportsmed Ireland employ a number of techniques using their hands to ease muscle tension, improve circulation and increase mobility. Weekly maintenance sports massage eases pain brought about by intensive training and keeps muscles flexible and in good health for forthcoming training and events. Sports massage is an important aspect of many athletes training and recovery protocol, used both during the season and in the off-season, which helps to ensure muscles remain strong and able to cope with high-level activity and is also proven to help reduce stress levels.

Benefits of Sports massage on Performance and Fatigue

Zainal et al shows evidence based studies in improved cycle pedalling performance independent of blood lactate but in correlation with improved recovery from muscle stiffness and perceived lower limb fatigue from a 10 minute massage treatment twice in one week.  Robertson et al carried out favourable studies examining the effects of leg massage compared with passive recovery on lactate clearance, muscular power output, and fatigue characteristics after repeated high intensity cycling exercise, with the conditions before the intervention controlled and standardised.  There are also benefits from massage on fibrotic tissue. Studies show massage releases fibrous tissue tension on post op surgical adhesions.  The strokes applied in specific sequences and directions facilitate the release of the structural distortion to the fibrous tissue.

Sports Massage in Sportsmed Ireland is carried out by highly skilled and fully qualified Sports Massage therapists and Chartered Physiotherapists.  Sports massage can benefit a wide range of people from both sporting and non sporting populations, from Olympic athletes and weekend warriors to those seeking general stress relief and relief from tired achy muscles. If you have’nt tried it before there is no time like the present! We have introduced new pricing options  with 60min @ €65 and 40min €45….in both cases buy a course of 9 and the 10th is free!

Gareth Rossi,  NSCA-CPT, NSRT