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Endurance State



If you are prepared to put the time and effort into your training towards specific goals, an effective way to monitor your progress is with regular testing. For endurance athletes an integral part of this testing process is a Lactate test.

The information this test provides is key to providing a program tailored to your own ability and strengths. If you do not train at the appropriate intensity levels at the right times you risk burn out, under training or even injury. Testing at regular intervals, usually 8 - 12 weeks, will also ensure regular progression and will ensure both we and you know where you are at now, where you were previously and where you are going.

Our Lactate test is sub maximal and therefore not a VO2max test. It is used as an exercise prescription tool in order to establish your training zones, identify strengths and weaknesses and lay out base markers which are quantifiable and can therefore be readily re-tested to show progress and adaption to correctly periodised training.

Our test is conducted on a treadmill or on your own bike on a Turbo Trainer using pacing, heartrate and power (bike testing). If you are using power yourself already (e.g. Powertap, SRM, Quark etc.) we recommend using your own power measuring device as well as your own bike to ensure consistency between correlation of test results and training zones thereafter. If you do not have a power measuring device we will provide a Powertap wheel and headunit for the test which will last approx. 1hour.