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Following a personalized, periodised program is the best way to make gains and train towards specific goals. We have experience and noted success in training athletes from most sporting backgrounds and have been developing personalized programs for all sporting disciplines such as Triathlon, Running, Cycling, Swimming,Track & Field, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, GAA, Boxing etc. since our inception in 2006.

We have extensive expertise in developing programs for endurance sports using Power and/or Heartrate. We will structure your training for you in such a way that it is goal orientated and progressive. Training in this periodised manner will ensure that every time you train you know you are doing the right thing towards achieving what you have laid out as your main objective.

Our programs can be accessed online via our website which means you can benefit from our coaching expertise no matter where you are located. No matter who you are, what your chosen sport is or what level you are at we will provide you with a personalised, periodised and progressive program tailored to your own ability which will give you the structure your training needs in order to get the results you want.