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Strong Like Lion

Writing an update on how preparation has gone for IM Hawaii while sitting waiting for my flight from San Francisco to Kona.  After the Zell am See 70.3 Seamus Fogarty who runs asked me to race in the Elliptigo European Champs in Aix Les Bains.  I have used an Elliptigo for about 18 months now for cross training and find it very useful for run fitness (not my strong point!).  I actually won this event last year but it’s not exactly a mass participation event with around 40-50 competitors.  I agreed to go and was joined by Dr Francis Keeling who likes to get to airports 4 hrs. before his flight and read the financial times!!!

The race was way more competitive this year and the course is 21 km up Mt Revard (2012 Tour De France) with 1200m vertical gain.  After 5 km there were only 4 of us left together and a French guy took off and stayed away till the end.

I ended up finishing second and around a minute or so behind but 4 minutes faster than last year so happy enough overall.  It turns out the guy who won likes to be referred to as “Strong Like Lion” which we found funny and wound him up about it.  Riding the elliptigo uphill is very tough and my HR was through the roof the entire time.  Francis did himself proud just outside top ten but wasn’t happy with Seamus’s encouragement near the finsihline and advised him to Feck off!

One of the reasons I agreed to go was because a good friend Darragh the Tank McElligott lives in Aix Les Bains now and I met him after the race and we headed off on bikes up another mountain in the afternoon. We climbed the Grand Colombier, which is 25 Km straight up and was amazing for both the views and the training.   A swim in the lake and good food with friends ended a good training day.

I’m really looking forwards to Kona and thank you to everyone who has donated so far.  For anyone who still wants to donate, you can do so by clicking HERE

Yours in Sport,